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31 March 2022


Do you remember a person in your life you have come across who left an indelible memory with you ?

That someone, who seemed to be living life at a peaceful and wise pace that stood out because they were not in the same flow as the ‘mad and rushing crowd’.

And most importantly, you felt there was something safe, unobtrusive, loving and nurturing about them.  Not to be denied, they glowed with a peace within that you were intrigued with.  Even silently called you quietly to settle within yourself.

So wise of you to have noticed them.



You too have that inside you.

You already know that deep inside,

Just sometimes it needs pointing to - to remind us.


You are that ‘someone’ for others when you settle back into that feeling of home inside.

I’m not talking about anything we all don’t already know.


Sometimes we are that person living life at a fast pace and a fast mind that overrides the evidence of those calm and deeply wise moments we experience.

When you ARE living from that calm, peaceful, happy, content, wisdom within you – you are that ‘someone’ for someone else.  And so the sharing goes.

The wisdom within – a win-win.

Cheers, TS.

Sunset Walk

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