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7 July 2021


A decision is just a ‘choice of Thought’.

Some think that others (or they) are walking around avoiding making decisions.
Not making decisions.

Yet the truth is, we are aware of life only due to the fact that we have access to this thing called Thought.


And by the action of choosing a thought we are making a decision.

Said another way…

To make a decision, it is as easy as choosing to act on one particular Thought.

That’s it.

As humbling as it is when we find ourselves in a ‘dead-end situation’ or ‘up the wrong tree’ or any of the other many descriptions used when people feel like they have not got a life quite like they imagined.

A decision – is just a Thought that we have, brought to action.

Be kind to yourself. 

Here’s to the wonderment of the Wisdom of Thought.

Cheers, TS.


Happy Dog
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