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An author, speaker and mentor in the areas of fresh thinking, happiness and productivity.

Growth and development for business success AND happiness.


Terrie's special skill is helping people find their inner strength and the courage to make the big decisions in life. She guides entrepreneurs through the art of fresh thinking and insightful action so they can succeed.


Terrie’s one-on-one and group coaching will help you find the missing links in your practice, presentations and outcomes. She will help you see your uniqueness, gain a healthy human understanding and shift your perspective. 

As well as attending “the school of life”, Terrie graduated from the University of Western Australia with a degree in Science, majoring in Human Performance and Exercise Science* along with a Diploma in Education.  She truly believes that understanding the practicalities of body, mind and spirit creates a powerful vantage point essential to achieving goals and human interrelations.

Terrie's fascination with human potential took on a new dimension when she found herself faced with losing her peripheral vision.

Living with this challenge gave her a new perspective on life and a deeper understanding of how we create and experience our reality.  

At the age of 23, Terrie started her first small business – a corporate health and fitness consultancy servicing large corporations, including Woodside and Western Mining in Western Australia. It was an energetic and exciting role where Terrie was lead consultant and managed her team for 13 years. 


As a result of her business success and achieving international Gold and a World Record in tandem cycling, Terrie was invited to speak for groups and conferences.


In 1997, she was awarded an Order of Australia medal. She was also named WA Fitness Leader of the Year and was awarded an Executive Scholarship by the Australian Institute of Management.


She has learnt to live in the “rat race” yet also live with harmony and joy – and she can help you achieve this, too.


Terrie knows that with all the quick-paced decisions, challenges and never-ending demands placed on high-achieving entrepreneurs, they are often worried, stressed and losing sleep. This is time-consuming, financially weakening, unproductive and personally and professionally damaging.

Terrie shows through her coaching that there is a way to gain clarity with certainty. She shows it is possible to reduce anxiety, regain time and productivity, and get more sleep at night so you can be your best self when making decisions. 

Throughout the years, she has had the good fortune to learn alongside inspiring people, including being mentored for 10yrs under the tuition of H.L. Sam Queen in the Health Model Approach (copyright), as well as the privilege to spend time with Sydney Banks (philosopher and theosopher), Elsie Spittle & Chip Chipman.

Terrie has a wide variety of experiences to draw upon from being identified as a gifted child when young and in schooling to university qualifications in Human Movement and Education.

From conducting community exercise and lifestyle programming to establishing and managing a successful Corporate Health and Fitness Consultancy for businesses in Western Australia, managing her team of between 5 and 30 people at any one time, to racing tandem bikes internationally.

For someone with limited physical peripheral vision from 21yrs of age, Terrie is a woman of vision and draws on her achievements and successes to share her understanding and knowledge with others.

She takes a personal interest in the work of the Innocence Project, enjoys spending time quietly writing, keeping active, walking the stunning beaches of Australia, tending and admiring nature or absorbed in her love of music.




Terrie is a master of resiliency, fresh thinking. She intuitively sees the human element with such clarity that it looks just too simple at times.

What is unique and refreshing about her work as a performance mindset specialist, is that she has so much life experience, that she rises above just the theory and plonks you straight into reality.




Terrie sees beyond all the noise, to bring people the clarity they are searching for, but can't see themselves.


*Her studies included anthropology, human biology, exercise physiology, neuro-anatomy, biomechanics of movement, nutrition, special education and psychology. 

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