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Soft Cover, 40 pages

Release Dates:

Pre-Orders: 17 March 2019

General Release: 24 Mar 19

Author: Terrie Sanders

Copy-Editor:  Lauren Shay

Illustr: Andressa Meissner



BBSH-01 title.jpg

We're never too old to be touched by the wonderment of happiness.

Adrian is a boy who can easily get lost in his own thinking, lose connection with others and what is going on around him. 


Mentored during a trip to the shops by his older brother, he comes to experience and see first hand for himself, his own resiliency of thought.  He comes to recognise when he is lost in his memories including the subtle yet profound difference described as the Big Blue Sky of Happiness.

With the help of his older brother, Adrian learns how to make sense of his feelings and cope with life’s ups, downs and adventures.  


This delightful book is the first of four in the Big Blue Sky of Happiness series. This series is for children of all ages, as well as adults who understand they are still young enough to learn something new.

Anoushka Aged 10:

"I think the book is a really wise book because it tells you a problem that many children face and and shows you how to deal with the problem and another way around it. In the books you learn many things about how to deal with different situations and learn how to not to get caught up in your thinking and let your thoughts go". 
Thank you Anoushka.

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