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How do I Start ? 

Coaching Sessions

Coaching with Terrie Sanders is a method of recognising the current status of tissue integrity and energy efficiency using functional pathology.


These parameters are interpreted using the Human Health Model and the Seven Sub-Clinical Signs.


Bringing these parameters into optimal then enables that person to go about their life choices with a healthy human performance rather than guessng and hoping.


This program is a private interest initiative.  Established for those who are interested in taking a proactive and self-responsible approach to their physical capabilities.


The Personalised Results Summary enables educative

coaching, based on a scientific health model, which

identifies action steps you can take to optimise your energy production & tissue integrity.


Telephone Sessions: Coaching Sessions are able to be conducted on the phone.

       Your biochemistry results


       Results Summary Analysis

       including easy to understand

       explanations from Terrie


       Written action plan for you

       to commence immediately


       Recipes specific for your

       chemistry results



       recommendations as



       Nutrients & foods based on your

       biochemistry results for energy 

       & tissue integrity


       List of nutritional supplemention

       as required, based on your 

       individual biochemistry results.

You Receive

How Do I Start ?
Step 1

Email or call to arrange a preliminary conversation >

On receiving your email or call, Terrie will have a chat with you about this scope of work.


If you are interested, you will then be sent via email, program costings & health consent forms for your review & decision to commence.

Step 2

Decide whether to commence coaching.

If you decide to commence Coaching with Terrie Sanders, you will be guided through the necessary paperwork and functional pathology testing to enable results analysis of your unique situation.

Step 3

Once you have completed your Questionnaire, conducted your Testing & read through New Project Briefing, you then have your Project Brief Consult with Terrie Sanders.

When she will:

  • Have read your completed questionnaire

  • Identify your Project Brief

  • Take away information to research unique for you

  • Prepare for analysis of your test data.

And your journey of discovery

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