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By Terrie Sanders.

We're never too old to be touched by insight. 

These books have a special feel and essence about them. Not focused on being an overt educational or motivational read, rather inspiring from within, engaging the individuals own imagination and gently touching hearts. 

Adrian is a little boy who learns through life experiences and mentoring from family members about the gift of thought and happiness via The Big Blue Sky of Happiness'.

Quick read books for children, teens & adults as well as adults sharing through reading with young children.  

A book for children 10yrs+ as well as adults who realise they are never too old to learn afresh.  A delightful book for adults to read to children aged 6 yrs+.  Each book leads into the next, with subtle references to happenings in previous stories.

"This series of books is a beautiful way to teach children how to understand and manage their emotions in a way not heard of before. The stories are warm, imaginative and educational; and our children (9 and 11 years of age) loved listening to Adrian and his adventures. If you are keen to bring out your child's emotional strength and resilience, this is a series worth having in your library." 

Life Coach, and Mother.  Melbourne, Australia

"What a wonderful story".  Health Practitioner.

"Wow, wow, wow, congratulations Terrie.  A tear in my eye". 
Primary School Teacher.

"It's Lovely !!!"

Home School Parent.

"What a lovely, gentle
& thought provoking piece.

I love it !  I wish I had things like this to read when I was Adrian's age".  
Retired PhD.

"I think the book is a really wise book because it tells you a problem that many children face and shows you how to deal with the problem and another way around it.  In the book you learn many things about how to deal with different situations and learn

how to not to get caught up in your thinking and let your thoughts go." 

Anoushka, Aged 10. 

Soft Cover

40 pages

Release date: April 2018

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Author: Terrie Sanders

Illustr: Andressa Meissner

Published by the Thoughtful Book Series

The Big Blue Sky of Happiness