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Active Lifestyle

Out there getting involved ?  Travelling for work, thinking of taking up cycling, walk to a look-out, holidaying, gardening, playing with the children, participating in a charity event ?

Wanting that bit more energy for an upcoming project or life-goal, or just to keep up with the pace of your career or personal life ? The answer may not lie in just exercising more or exercising harder.


Sometimes your individual biochemistry shows that you could do with some 'tuning up' to get the most out of your energy system.  


A 'healthy' human peformance is Terrie's interest for people choosing an 'out there participating in life' lifestyle.


There is one thing to be active, there is another to know that you have a body that can handle what you ask it to do.  Do you know if you are making energy in a health preserving way (there are health sustaining and unhealthy ways to produce energy), and whether the tissues are robust.


People interested in exercise can be fit, yet sub-clinically there can be signs worth paying attention to.  At some point a sub-clinical imbalance will 'trip up' the functional capability. Best to know in advance and enjoy an injury free and healthy active life. 

'At some point, a sub-clinical imbalance, unattended,
will eventually trip up the functional capability'.
Active Lifestyle Coaching Package includes:

- Baseline Queen Profile Test

- Results Session plus

- 2 x 1hr Coaching Sessions.


Dependent on how adventurous the goal, this coaching package usually requires at least one test & one round of coaching sessions.  


One retest plus coaching package (3 x 1hr Coaching Sessions) is recommended to compare against baseline.


Clients can add-on biochemistry retests and ongoing coaching sessions in line with their needs.

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