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Good Progress, Kind Words

"Working with Terrie has not only
improved my health considerably,

I am also learning to understand my body better and its needs ... and how to support my health myself in changing circumstances. 

Terrie's delight and enthusiasm for her work is catching, and she explains so wonderfully well the processes and needs of our bodies. 

I am deeply grateful for her support
in my health care."

Client name withheld to respect privacy.

The Healing Place
r Flourishing Health

Our past has been a story of forever having to fix something.

Our future is a place of flourishing health and learning deeper.


The healing modalities in the past have had to focus on overcoming exposures and toxicities that were unnatural and never ending. 


Never getting a break from the unnatural exposures, meant we never got a break from having to attend to health.

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There will be a period of healing as you and your body adjusts.

And then each of us will move in our own way and time into a life of physical nourishment and wellbeing.  Eventually realising for yourself that this is our natural way of being and thriving.


Our world ‘Terra’ which we colloquially have called ‘earth’ in our practical way of relating to it – is literally the earth that gives us our life.  The earth (soil) gives us our food, our biological rhythm and wholesomeness interacting with the rest of the ecology within our world.

We will be going back to the intelligence that is already here for us for our food and health resiliency. 

We will be using advanced technology in addition to nature’s gifts - in wise ways to live free and with our own freewill to trust in.


To be totally free to share with others.

To gain joy from seeing others flourish along with us. 
All equal in the truth of life.


You are welcome to step inside and step into your future flourishing health.  Go to Intro ENTER >>

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Terrie has 4 levels to assist empower you for life in your physical resiliency learning.

Levels 3 & 4 are her advanced learnings:

Access her Substack Learning Portal.  This will be ava
ilable to join in May 2023.  Go to >>

Work one-on-one with Terrie to clean up exposures causing your body trouble. 

Plus learn ho
w to use and integrate the new advanced technology modalities. 
Go to >>

Note:  website continually being upgraded to reflect the new options as things develop.

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