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Adventure & Event Coaching Package includes:


- Baseline Queen Profile Test

- Results Session plus

- 2 x 1hr Coaching Sessions.


This coaching package usually requires only one round of coaching sessions if used as a proactive update or 'subclinical appraisal'.

Adventure & Event

Tailored for people who have a specific adventure activity goal, sports initiative, business or personal event that will require more of you physically.  This is a proactive 'readiness' check in preparation for your event.

A minimum of 6-12months in advance of your event is recommended to enable time for you to make changes as required from your biochemistry interpretation.  

This is an opportunity to have a 'check-in' using the Seven Subclinical Signs for energy and tissue integrity, to see how you are travelling physically, and get in early to do something - to be proactive for a successful event.

Once they have seen how useful this approach is, adventure clients often choose to go on to conduct update chemistries either annual or every couple of  years to continue to be ready and prepared either for their next adventure or time their retests to enable specificity of readiness for a particular type of event e.g. mountain climbing with the oxygenation restrictions.

Clients can add-on biochemistry retests and ongoing coaching sessions in line with their needs.


Note: People with energy or tissue integrity challenges requiring specific attention often require additional retest & coaching beyond baseline results.


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