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I just want to be me...

We age, that's true and inevitable.  


We change our mind constantly, every day that changes us and our life.  


The ability of our body to regulate our body fat can change, altering:

  • how we look

  • our ability to move

  • our health status

  • the clothes we wear

  • our ability to breathe unaided

  • our level of comfort in heat and cold

  • the pressures on our skeletal system.


Aging gracefully and changing our minds are natural and acceptable.  Yet there is a voice inside us when the body fat goes on that keeps niggling that there is something not so natural about this one.


For some people it is as simple as exercise and a clear understanding of a clean and nutrient dense diet.


However, there is a group 

of people who need to
find out more information
about why their body's
ability to regulate fat has


For my biochemistry clients they are in a unique position to see how toxin involvement can change this biochemical chain of events.  The body then starts to rely on other nutrient sources in a bid to maintain energy, yet this is not healthful in the long term and is best corrected.


Our body fat is there for very good reasons.  It is healthful to have body fat, we need to start loving our body fat and seeing what it brings to our health, yet it takes some understanding of our natural biochemistry to see the logic here.


There are times, under controlled circumstances when we need to eat fat to lose fat.  Might sound odd, yet once one sees the reason that the fat regulation is not performing as expected this begins to make sense.  One of our clean up protocols even requires a good source of natural fat to reinstigate the body fat regulation which is rather Interesting.

To recover our body fat regulation the key focus points are:

Key Points:

  1. Maintain muscle mass

  2. Identify and remove possible toxic cause of chemical alteration to body fat regulation

  3. Specific nutrient and food choices according to biochemical individuality

  4. Understand individual biochemistry tendencies to manage into the future

  5. Maintain health.


Our body will naturally burn fat, given the
right chemistry...

So what you will want to know is - 'what is MY chemistry' ??

"throughout our lives, our bodies are constantly working at maintaining a healthy equilibirum for us".

"Sometimes this gets challenged to a point where changes are made that can affect our body fat regulation..."

"..and we start to want to find ourselves again.  Just want to feel like 'me again' for
our bodies".



"My interest is in tissue health for optimum performance, to enable an individual to have a musculo-skeletal system (muscles, bones, associated soft tissues) that is healthful and functioning.


Individuals can then enjoy living to their fullest with a healthy human performance of their own choosing - at any age, in any circumstance." ` Terrie Sanders.

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