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 Healthy  Human Performance

How do you know if you are living your every day with a 'healthy' human performance ?


Healthy  Human Performance is the name of Terrie's parent company and original working business title.

This was born from experience of working towards a fitness that was going to sustain a robust and strong performance, yet realising - when it was getting nearly too late - that this did not guarantee health as one originally thought it would.  

Fitness, body fat management, muscular development needs to be carried out in a way that also develops and maintains health.

This might seem like a flash of the blinding obvious, yet consider the following information:

  • Our body has an inbuilt goal to sustain life for us.

  • The body has a priority system of choices biochemically to sustain life for us.

  • Some of these systems are healthy for our longevity, some are an 'emergency response' which should only be drawn upon short term.

  • The body will choose and use the system that is available to us given the nutrients available.

  • Chronic toxic exposures have an influence over which nutrients are drawn on to protect us and can leave us with specific nutrient depletions.

  • Our choice of foods also determines the nutrient pool available by the body to draw on for maintaining energy production & tissue integrity and therefore our overal health and longevity.

  • Given which nutrients these are our body will then choose which pathway is used to create energy and to maintain or build tissue integrity.

  • Some pathways are helpful and healthful for our wellbeing and longevity, some not so.

  • All natural foods have a role to play - each body has different needs to keep their balance.

  • Throwing out a particular food group or nutrient from our diet doesn't guarantee a robust, healthy body.  

  • Rather than dictate to a body what it will have and therefore do for you, work with the human biology and give it what it needs to look after you in the way it was naturally intended.

  • Checking how our body is producing our energy and managing our tissue integrity enables us to make adjustments and therefore know that we are being truly proactive and creating a healthy human performance for our life.

  • The body already has it's own master plan - work with it.

How do you know ?

...until you see the      symptoms ? ...

The 7 subclinical signs give us information
on where we are in relation to optimal health...

"Have a good think".  What does a robust, healthy body look like ?  feel like to live in ?  

Glowing with energy, shining with life, strong robust muscles & stance, a full daily endurance capacity.

...and empowers us to manage our own body for our chosen activities in life.

 Healthy  Human Performance

"Your body already has it's own master plan
- work with it."

"I want to thank you again for taking the time to reply, it shows that you really believe in what you are doing and that you care for the well being of your clients."  Client W.A.

healthy human performance

Performing your best & feeling good too.

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