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Insight Based Coaching


We learn something new via insight - a 'sight from within'.


Have you noticed that you can tell people something that you understand clearly - with the best intentions - and they just don't get it or act on it?  It's normal. It's human.


Have you had information shared with you that feels so right - yet goes against everything you have been told ? 

Or maybe have been told what to do by someone who thinks it is best that you should follow - and you get the deep, quiet 'feeling' that there is something about it that just doesn't feel right ?


Wisdom is looking after you.


Have you had a personal realisation that feels clear and true for you - out of the blue when you weren't looking for a solution ? That is Insight.


"Thank you again for being you.  It was wonderful to talk and I appreciated your wisdom so much.  You gave me some perspective at a time in my life when I was not seeing any".  - Phone coaching client.

Available all the time.

Wisdom is always available. Recognising it is the first step;  Knowing what it is and how to 'find it again' is the next.  Innate health and wisdom resides within each human being:


Seeing the health and wisdom within each person I work with, allows them to look there too.  


There can be such confusion over what a person should decide for themselves. When one sees their own innate health and wisdom within, this peaceful and clear state brings the realisation that is needed.

" Terrie...Thank you for so gently pointing me back to my wisdom..."
~ client 2006 thankyou note.

"Thankyou for your talk.  I can now see why giving my clients a peaceful space to 'go within' resulted in a calm and clear decision for them.  I could see there was something special that had occurred but didn't understand actually what it was, now I do".  

~ seminar participant 2007, Counsellor working in family planning.

A fresh perspective.

"I realise that human biology isn't everyone's personal interest and forte.


I enjoy it and have found that through Sam Queen's insight of the Seven Subclinical Signs I have a very rewarding way of working with people interested in a physical health gain.  I can see what Sam is pointing to.


My insights have been in functional capacity & working with people.


I have always enjoyed working in a 'people profession', yet I gained a greater level of understanding once I realised how we learn and make decisions."  Terrie Sanders.

"When thought gets in the way,
it's helpful to bring to mind
that w
e are the thinkers".

It is more useful to know
THAT WE THINK, than to  focus on WHAT WE THINK."

Terrie Sanders, Sept 2016.

Coaching Sessions - Living Insightful

Terrie coaches and mentors other professionals to use Insight Based Coaching in their business, work and personal life.

If you would like to know more about Insight Based Coaching - to use personally or in your professional work - please contact Terrie to discuss.

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