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Robust Aging.  Why not ?

From Terrie:

"I have worked from various perspectives and models over the years - as to what is considered 'best' for our bodies.  I have also always sought to ask questions & wonder if there is more to know.  


After an unexplained decline in my own physical capability, I started to wonder if a 'one size fits all' approach was not working for me, otherwise I would be robust and feeling strong already. 

I came to realise that each body has a uniqueness within their biochemistry that could give clues
to their 'recovery road home'.  


That I needed to be looking at the biochemistry from the question of 'how close am I to health' rather than a panel of markers that was focussed on whether I was in a defined disease state as yet.  


This i found needed to include looking at the possible involvement of chronic toxin exposures as I had come to realise they could affect our chemistry and result in nutrient depletions.  This can then affect our functional capacity with regards energy & tissue integrity."


"Terrie - has an unusually sharp understanding of environmental
toxin exposures."   
H.L. Sam Queen, 2014.

Terrie works with clients who are interested in knowing how efficiently their energy system is operating, and if their tissues are robust.  

Introducing Terrie Sanders 

Terrie is a specialized Wonderment Physiology

Coach and Mentor leading the way in Australia. She has worked as a Health Practitioner for 28yrs.


University qualified in Human Physical Performance and Education, with a Bachelor of Physical Education & Diploma of Education from the University of Western Australia, Terrie has gone on to develop her professional skills and services to broaden and deepen what she offers clients.


Terrie focusses on being proactive by fine tuning or regaining:

  1. Energy Systems to be operating effectively and

  2. a robust Tissue Integrity.  

Terrie has had a lifetime of intrigue and experience both professionally & personally in the capacity of our human biology and innate mental resiliency as well as our capability to return to a healthful equilibrium at any age.


Why 'Wonderment Physiology' ?

Our biochemistry is our link to an energetic life.  


Our chemistry balance brings us optimal health. Seeing people regain their capacity for energy and strength for living is truly awe inspiring and deserves a natural respect.


Once you see a Queen Profile panel of your own biochemistry and start to learn the questions to ask, what you uncover is so life changing and fascinating that I found people started to naturally enquire and live from a position of 'awe & respect' for what they were seeing.  


'wonderment' / awe & respect.

'PHYSIOLOGY' / deals with the functions and activities of life or of living matter (as organs, tissues, or cells) and of the physical and chemical phenomena involved.


wonderment PHYSIOLOGY

'To see the physical & chemical phenomena of

human life & it's healing capacity,

with awe & respect'.


Terrie is a certified Free Radical Therapy (FRT) Practitioner having trained under the tuition and guidance of the Founder of the Human Health Model and FRT - H.L. Sam Queen.  Terrie continues to deepen her understanding to enable her to conduct the right chemistry & ask the right questions at the right time for her clients to gain results.


Her focus has always been to enable life changing and sustainable results in the areas of physical capacity. This has been driven both by a professional intrigue with human biology and the resiliency of the human spirit, as well as a personal interest to understand more.

Updated photo coming soon.


For 14yrs Terrie was Owner, Managing Director and lead Consultant of Health Pro Consultants Pty Ltd whose team of professionals, under her leadership, serviced health and well-being programs for 

Terrie has worked on University Campus, Corporate Health & Fitness, in Community settings and in Private Practise.

Corporations throughout Western Australia including Woodside, Western Mining, Alcoa, Telstra, Water Corporation, Lendlease. She is known both Australia wide and internationally for her unique and industry recognised initiatives and results from those years

Some moments I am a little bit proud of:

Awards in which Terrie has been priviledged to be recognised include:

  • WA Aerobics Exercise Instructor of the Year by the Aerobic Institute of Western Australia

  • WA Fitness Leader of the Year by Network of Fitness Professionals Australia

  • An Executive Management Scholarship by the Australian Institute of Management

  • Angus Stewart Achievement Award by the Association for the Blind, WA

  • Australian & World Records in tandem track

  • Paralympic Dual Gold Medallist, track tandem

  • Nominated for Paralympian of the Year as well as WA Sports Person of the Year

  • Guest speaker by invitation in the Woman of Distinction Program Guides Australia

  • Order of Australia Medal, OAM.

  • Certification as International Free Radical Therapy Practitioner by H.L. Sam Queen.


Terrie was awarded an Order of Australia medal in 1997 for her service to Australia as a World Record holder and Gold Medal Cyclist. Terrie also gained experience as a public speaker and keynote presenter as a result of these international experiences.  In 2010 Terrie relocated her practice to Tasmania. She continues to coach and service clients wherever their location.



In recent years, Terrie has continued her study to include the Primary Course by the Australian Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

Terrie has benefited personally from the knowledge and use of the Human Health Model Six Subclinical Signs and the Individual Biochemistry of the Queen Profile.  Restoring her own energy availability & tissue integrity. Read Terrie's story....

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