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Toxic  Footprints 

How will your body cope with the new exposure challenges of our generation ? 

Think about it - we are the first generation to live our whole life with the benefit, as well as the multiple avenues of exposure to petrochemicals and the multitude of the modern day pesticides and their uses (to name just a couple).

One of the biggest - and realistically impossible -

challenges is to conduct a study that will emulate the multiplcity of different exposures a person may come across during their lifetime and how this may affect us with regards a chronic toxicity situation.  Every body is different.

One reason for this is, and not for lack of trying with labelling of products, the lack of knowledge of where we can walk into, inhale, ingest and walk through these exposures.

Scientists​ give industry their best advice with regards dose amounts that are below the accepted level for human contamination that might cause harm.  This is best practice currently.

What is a reality however, is that our bodies are constantly working to protect and clean up after exposures.  There are some scenarios that can lead on to a struggling biochemical cocktail blocking our health outcomes.

Coaching with Terrie

will give you the opportunity to:

  • have a look and see what your body tells you, and if you have a toxic footprint - and especially oxidative catalysts - it is struggling to deal with

  • be proactive and stop guessing

  • learn more about how our body protects us and what you can do to assist it remain robust for you

  • learn how we can use the subclinical signs to be proactive for your health

  • educate yourself to avoid developing a toxic footprint that could cause changes to your energy production and tissue integrity.

What's yours look like ?

Getting a clearer picture of this silent challenge

How much is too  much ?  How do you know when your bucket' is full !

Modern day challenges leave a toxic footprint in our biochemistry for us to find

Our body tells us what

it is coping with 
& what it needs assistance resolving

Audio Talk Coming Soon -

Included, is a look at the role that toxins play in changing your biochemistry - the 'toxic footprints'. These alterations can affect our energy production &tissue integrity & therefore our internal environment. In so doing, and left uncorrected, this can alter the foundation for our health in the future.

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