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Your business dream is only ever a practicality away

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Keep Bouncing Back

"The key is to know how to find clarity amidst chaos, wisdom within confusion."

You don't need me if you have a clear idea, plan and enthusiasm for the forward development of your business.  You don't need me if you have a confidante to bounce ideas off, an experienced person in business who you can brainstorm with to bring the best out of you for a flourishing business that you enjoy.


"Throughout my over 30yrs of experience in business I have assisted people in various niches of business.  Moving with the times, growing with the changes, yet keeping focus on 3 important ingredients - that it works for the people who need your service, it works for you too, and it is financially worthwhile."


Terrie &
My business resilience consulting evolved from my decades of experience being self-employed from the age of 23. 



My interest is in mentoring people who have a passion about something they want to share with others through an income exchange.


​I work with people who are keen to get going and see the wisdom in seeking guidance as well as professional support to unfold their business path ahead. 



I've been there.  Now I'm here for you.


At the Office


Your business dream is only ever a practicality away

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Terrie conducts 4 FREE-TO-JOIN group sessions each year on Business Resiliency. First to register = first placed.  Maximum of 8 people per group session. Calls are 11.30am - 12.30pm Perth time.

         21 Feb 2023     REGISTRATIONS OPENING SOON.

        16 May 2023     REGISTRATIONS OPENING SOON..

        29 Aug  2023     REGISTRATIONS OPENING SOON.


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"Focused on you - relaxed manifestation conversation, refreshing.  Take the time out you have been promising yourself, to focus on defining the clarity you need for your decisions to move forward."

The term manifestation has a bit of a ‘not so practical’ reputation.  Yet, speak to any successful person and they will tell you that they needed to have the insightful thinking, focused action and inner knowing that feels right to move in a specific direction and make things happen.


  1. Email and short introductory intake phone conversation.

  2. 1hr Focus Mentor Conversation (by phone)

  3. 1 sheet summary from Terrie.

  4. Follow-up check-in phone conversation

At this level of business you are an independent, motivated person who takes action. So Terrie does not do any hand-holding or pushing you along type things.

This is a mature, intelligent conversation and follow-up support so you have someone experienced, interested, gentle and caring who wants you to bring out your best.

Note: Terrie has purposely honed her phone skills to enable a productive session via phone.  Saving you travel time, expense and to be able to action as soon as you put the phone down.