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 Big Blue Sky of Happiness

We are never too old to be touched by insight.

Terrie's childrens books are actually for adults in disguise.  Holding messages that can change a life and relationships at any age and in any circumstance.

Why the Big Blue Sky ?

Terrie has lived a very focused life with her change in peripheral vision.  She has had many experiences that has meant she has had to live at higher levels of patience, understanding, acceptance, gratitude, competencies and more importantly at high speed and without relent.  Her eyesight kept changing, so her way of living in the world and interacting had to change too.

One would think this is what she would want to talk about, yet she is clear that her message is not about her sight.  It is about the wisdom within that she came to realise.  The innate ability we all have for insight that guides us if we let it.

She meets people all the time who can see that their life is not quite how they would like it.  Relationships are not quite as gentle, special or productive as they would life.  The World Happiness Index has caught up by realising that Happiness underpins how humans live in the world and the quality of everything that manifests from there.

She now shares some 

Terrie helps you over that Resiliency/Point Critical hurdle (bump in the road) where we so often find we can falter or make quick decisions based on chaotic moments.

Having clarity means that your progress and results improve such that you then find yourself in a purposeful, clear direction.  You then take action with confidence and find each time you elicit and action like this, the percentage shifts from living in chaos to living in clarity. The positive rewards are evident and obvious.

Who is this personalised coaching for ?
  • Terrie's clients who have completed The Clarity Factor Program

  • 3P Practitioners.

Your Investment: $1,000.00 + gst    
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