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Module 1

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  • Introductory Philosophy

  • What you will have at the end

  • Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

  • Influencers for decisions

  • Top 4 questions to get going.


Terrie Sanders
Book Creation Action Plan
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This is an online program. 

If you require support at any time for the online format, please let us know so that we can sort this for you. 

The Book Creation Action Coach, is the follow-on option for those who have now created their action plan and have their book ready to go to the next step of print.  This is for you if you prefer to cut out time chasing to find your team for copy-edit, cover design, printing options, book sizes and print options.  Terrie shares her resources, gives advice from her professional experience to once again advance independently yet avoid the pitfalls. Enquire here.

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