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the freedom feeling
fresh thinking for entrepeneurs
to live a truly flourishing life
Fresh Thinking Bringing Possibilities to Life.

Terrie works with people who want to build a deep level of happiness within their success.  Her work enables the already successful to shift from just having a business to ensuring they are creating entrepeneurial success which includes  fulfilment, happiness, satisfaction along with productivity via fresh thinking and insightful action .

Terrie is a respected leader in the art of insightful action.
She is an author, speaker and advisor helping entrepreneurs achieve success, happiness and productivity.  She does this by showing them how to bounce back, reinvent, refine, course correct especially when their success feels like it is fading and they are starting to go nowhere fast.

A leader in resilience, Terrie knows how to bring out the best in people.

She understands our innate ability for confidence & resiliency and how to harness this for solutions. 


The Big Blue Sky of Happiness

A simple story with a powerful message.
 Adrian is a boy who can easily get lost in his own thinking, lose connection with others and with what is going on around him. 


Mentored during a trip to the shops by his older brother, he comes to experience and see first hand for himself, his own resiliency of thought.  

Book 1 pre-orders now open.


Terrie knows you can have a flourishing life and practice. Her ability to elicit fresh thinking brings possibilities to life for high-achieving entrepreneurs who want to reach their true potential and build a lifetime of happiness helping others.

For entrepeneurs creating a lifetime of happiness helping others.

Her forte is with high achievers.  Her practical programs and coaching not only gives a fresh perspective, they bring clear direction on how to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from reaching your full potential.

“Terrie sees beyond all the noise, to bring people
the clarity they are searching for, but can't see themselves”.

~ Yas London, Executive Director ySafe Australia, Cybersafety.

With more than 30 years’ experience in small business and the corporate and health sectors, Terrie has an intimate knowledge of the challenges leaders, entrepreneurs and practitioners face.


She shows people that it is possible to help others, ensure your own emotional and physical wellbeing and achieve a fulfilling earning capacity.  

"Living by insight, clarity and action ensures progress.
It gives us direction, purpose and confidence and allows us to find solutions within to move forward." – Terrie Sanders

The Freedom Feeling

Resiliency of mind and body is fundamental to be able to last the course and enjoy the rewards of your hard work.  Both are needed to have a foundation of a healthy human understanding and a healthy human performance to work from for your life, business, projects, adventures and holidays.

Terrie shows you how to bounce back and find clarity within chaos and wisdom within confusion.

Terrie's signature coaching covers the understandings and practicalities needed to design your life proactively to last the course.  Renewing Fresh Thinking, Happiness & Productivity for your life over and over again.

Couple Laughing at the Beach
The Freedom Feeling

Happy Business - Happy You

fresh thinking for entrepeneurs

Learn how to rekindle that startup feeling and move on from drugdery, struggle, hesitation & confusion. Terrie's burnout remedy for business takes you back to that freedom feeling.

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Big Blue Sky Books

3 Principles for
Human Understanding

mental resiliency for life

Sharing the Three Principles.  Mentoring 3P Practitioners for a flourishing practise.  Books for children, family & professionals.

Feet in the Ocean
Get Back on Track

What is true Stamina ?

physical resiliency for life

Learn about the Full Bucket Syndrome - how chronic exposures can lead to physical compromise.  Holding you back from truly enjoying the rewards of all your hard work.
How full is your bucket ?


Terrie is a sought-after advisor who coaches individuals and groups. She has a strong reputation for her ability to elicit real change in her clients’ lives. Learn more


Terrie's Thoughtful Book Series is due to be launched in 2018, with the release of Book 1 – 'The Big Blue Sky of Happiness & The Big Cloud of Sadness. The Thoughtful Book series is for all ages.  Learn more

Thought leader

Terrie is one of Australia’s leading experts in the critical areas of confidence, fresh thinking and resilience. Her insights are invaluable for leaders, entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to reach the next level in their careers. Learn more


Terrie is an  group speaker who is respected for her inspiring, gentle yet powerful messages.  She speaks on various topics under her main coaching message of The Freedom Feeling'. Enquire about having Terrie to speak for your event.

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