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Teenagers deserve the best chance at Life.

And then, there's growth into adulthood.  A teenage body needs to be robust to take on the experiences and excitement of this time in one's life.


Having a naturally robust and energetic body, enables a teenager to be actively involved and part of both their age group and personal interests.


Understanding their own individual body helps empower at a younger age how to look after themselves to maintain healthful energy production & a strong, robust body.  


Positive, inclusive, personalised and proactive learning.

Teens Coaching Package includes:

- Baseline Queen Profile Test

- Results Session plus

- 2 x 1hr Coaching Sessions.


Recommendation is to start with the baseline package and see what is needed from there.


Dependant on the circumstance, this coaching package can require retest/s and extended coaching to work at the pace of the teenager.


Tests & coaching is added as required.


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