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​Biochemical Individuality

Terrie shows clients how their body is primed for their future health, by checking their current level of tissue integrity and energy production.

This is accomplished by using 7 Subclinical Signs the body shows us in a persons optimal focus biochemistry profile.

The basis for results is the unique functional biochemistry panel called the Queen Profile.

 "Terrie - has an unusually sharp understanding of environmental toxin exposures, & how they might alter the chemistry data."  

  H.L. Sam Queen, 17 September 2014.

Terrie focusses on recovering Energy Systems & Tissue Integrity, 


She has worked as an Exercise

Science Health Practitioner for
28yrs & has deep respect for the
capabilities of the human body
& its' resiliency to want to find
a healthy balance at any age.

Different People

          ...Different Needs

Get your 'spark' back...

...for what you love to do.

"Regain your robust, energetic body by rebuilding your tissue integrity & healthful energy production and get your life
moving once again."

Included, is a look at the role that toxins play in changing our biochemistry - the 'toxic footprints'.

These alterations can affect our energy production & tissue integrity and therefore our internal environment.  In so doing, this can alter the foundation for our health in the future.


"Thank you Terrie, I'll be forever grateful to you.  We know that this (your recommendations) work, what I wouldn't give to have met you twenty years ago ! ".  Client Tas.

'Different People - Different Needs - Biochemical Individuality'

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