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fresh thinking on physical resiliency - the full bucket syndrome

What Clients Say

It is such a pleasure to work together with people who are motivated and interested to learn afresh about their body and respect the resiliency of the human physicality.  

It is empowering, natural and rewarding to be in awe of the natural capabilities we have and how to support them.

Due to the personal nature of my work, I respectfully do not include clients names with their comments.

Clients are majoritively via referral from people who have achieved their goals with Terrie and speak well of her work.

"Terrie . . . you really are a miracle worker to be able to deal with this young lady (chems 53yrs) here. She really needs some TLC.”  
Sam Queen, 2013.

"Thanks so much for all your amazing guidance and knowledge during this process of bringing my husband and son back to full health and vitality, I don't know what we 
would do without you !!  Everything that you have assisted us with so far has been fabulous, we are lucky to have you helping us.  The guys have been going great".  Client W.A.

"You have a friendly and gentle manner on the phone."  Client W.A.

"I feel better knowing now what is what." Client W.A.

"I'll be forever grateful for your assistance in getting me my energy back - to finally be able to concentrate & get my in-tray empty at work."  Client Tas.

"I'm feeling young again as when I was in my 20's.  I'm at the gym & putting on muscle."  Client 62yrs of age.  Client W.A.


"Thank you for enabling my husband to feel so amazing ! "  Wife supporting client Tas.

"By the way I do feel really good & feel like I have much more energy.  Thanks again​."  Client Tasmania.

"I want to thank you again for taking the time to reply, it shows that you really believe in what you are doing and that you care for the well being of your clients."  Client W.A.

"I’m feeling so much better after having spoken to you. God bless."  Client W.A.

"Thank you Terrie, I'll be forever grateful to you.  We know that this (your recommendations) work, what I wouldn't give to have met you twenty years ago ! ".  Client Tas.

'One of the greatest help I had through this... has been Terrie’s skill at explaining what I have not understood. She did this by making the complex seem simple.'  Client W.A.

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