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In the area of her science consulting for Physical Resiliency, Terrie’s driver is to keep wonderful people doing the work they love, living an enjoyable life & flourishing into longevity.

​Terrie enjoys working in the wellbeing area.  Being proactive and returning people back towards health by their own actions so that they stop advancing in a direction that will be to their deficit.

What is unique about her consulting is that through the 90+ blood chemistry panel she uses she can show you where you are on the continuum of wellbeing.  She then gives you actions you can choose from to move yourself closer towards the wellbeing end of that continuum.


Her work is slightly unconventional in that she has learnt to interpret unique sub-clinical signs.  Rather than work in the area of clinical Terrie prefers to work with the preventative focus and actions.


Her work includes a Health Model Approach (trademark H.L. Sam Queen) which she has interpreted across to exercise physiology to re-establish the base requirements of a robust body resulting in a healthy physical resiliency.


Terrie's special skill and interest is  in assisting others learn how to be proactive for their ability to manage the challenges of modern day and be empowered to flourish for themselves.

Terrie sees herself as more an educator and mentor rather than just a consultant.

General Wellbeing Nature strip (1).png
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From a young age she has been intrigued by the true potential of the human being.  Starting with her fascination for human biology as a teenager.


University Qualified with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Performance, Exercise Science,  as well as a Diploma in Education.  This included some introductory study in anthropology, neuro-anatomy and special education.


Always having had an interest in 'what is a flourishing life', Terrie firstly applied what she knows to her own general wellbeing.  Being able to share first-hand knowledge of the path to maintaining one's physical wellbeing.


Terrie Sanders is university qualified in Human Physical Performance and Education, with a Bachelor of Science (Human Performance) & Diploma of Education from the University of Western Australia.

For 13yrs Terrie was Owner, Manager and Lead Consultant of Health Pro Consultants Pty Ltd whose team of professionals, under her leadership, serviced health and well-being programs for Corporations throughout Western Australia including Woodside, Western Mining, Alcoa, Telstra, Water Corporation, Lendlease.


She is known both Australia wide and internationally for her unique and industry recognised initiatives and results.

Some past awards in which Terrie has been priviledged to be recognised include:

  • WA Aerobics Exercise Instructor of the Year by the Aerobic Institute of Western Australia

  • WA Fitness Leader of the Year by Network of Fitness Professionals Australia

  • an Executive Management Scholarship by the Australian Institute of Management

  • Gold medalist Paralympics 

  • Set new World Record International Cycling

  • Nominated for Paralympian of the Year

  • Nominated WA Sports Person of the Year

  • Guest speaker by invitation in the Woman of Distinction Program Guides Australia.

Terrie was awarded an Order of Australia medal in 1997 for her service to Australia as a World Record holder and Gold Medal cyclist.

** Terrie's BPE qualification included studies in: human physiology; human anatomy; functional anatomy; nutrition; growth and development; health, exercise and sport psychology; exercise physiology; biomechanics; motor control and learning; physical activity and health; research methods and statistics; health, exercise and sport assessment; exercise prescription; exercise delivery and professional practice.

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