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Be the Mentor You Want To Be

To understand and have mental resiliency for yourself and to be there for others.

There is nothing that fresh thinking and resiliency cannot resolve for all of us. 

  • the 'flow state' for yourself

  • be there for loved ones

  • enjoyable interactions

  • focus & know your priorities

  • create a lovely feeling.

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What if...

You had a deep well of happiness within you to access anytime you want ?

Happy thoughts bring happy feelings.

That's a very good place to start.





In the area of human understanding, resiliency and happiness Terrie's special gift is in sharing how to find fresh thinking and shift the way you are living, interacting and experiencing life.

She has seen too many achievers fall along the wayside due to not having been introduced to some basic principles of human resiliency that brings a quieter mind and a peacefulness that brings joy.

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A few words about Terrie

Participant endorsement:
"…insight can’t be forced, but I do know that feeling safe and listened to helps create the environment for insight and a deeper understanding of how we function as human beings. Thank you Terrie.”

Elsie Spittle:

"It is hard to describe Terrie Sanders in a few words because there are so many wonderful things to say about her.


First and foremost is her love of life and her deep understanding of the spiritual nature of life.


Her ability to SEE the connection between the physical and spiritual dimension provides hope and inspiration to all she comes in contact with.

Her gentleness of spirit, coupled with her understanding of the ‘3 Principles’, allows her to reach people and touch them with great depth, thereby changing their lives.

Terrie knows the answer to "living life successfully is Love."

Elsie Spittle, President
3 Principles for Human Development
Salt Spring Island, B.C., Canada. Oct 2005.