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2 January 2018

Living Outside Our Thinking.

Years ago when I was working with large corporations, I remember some training that I was really enamoured with. 


They were introducing the concept of thinking outside the box.


I loved it.  Didn’t quite really understand it, yet it felt exciting that someone was encouraging people to think differently, look for something different than they would usually suggest or work by. 


Generally, this was in pursuit of staying leading edge in their work and having a more creative lean and a wider look for answers. 


I also remember one company sending their management teams to see the movie Apollo 13 to capture the sense of the movie that failure is not an option and to think deeper for solutions.


I think there were some years there when I nearly sent my self crazy thinking in circles trying to find something new by rearranging my thinking.  It seemed that people were suggesting that the new ideas came from a fresh combination of my thoughts, or from someone else who would inspire me or teach me something new to bring back. 


I really enjoyed meeting people at all the trainings I went to, yet – enough training already !!  I was finding it hard to actually get my work done with all the time I spent training.
















Years later, to the now, and I am pleasedto say I realised

what it was that I was so excited about with the think outside

the box idea.

I realised they were pointing to Insight.  It can be a slippery

fish to explain, yet simplicity is best. Those moments when you just KNOW. 

It can be disconcerting sometimes as the insight can seem to fly in the face of what you usually would think a good course of action or explanation might be, against the flow of other peoples suggestions even.  Yet you KNOW.


And even more, when your start to become familiar with the feeling that insights come with – that feeling of calm certainty, wholesomeness, deep knowing, a strength of clear direction – you start to take these moments as useful rather than flights of fancy.


I remember when I first started losing my peripheral vision. 


I noticed that I had lost a signal for action.  It is surprising how much we unknowingly rely on our sight to give us guidance for action. 


I had to find another way of being certain of when to move, which direction.  Yes, there is some kinesthesis involved, yet even then, you need to be certain, and thought needs to cue to move.  Which thought to trust when you are in the unknown ?  Thank goodness I stumbled (pardon the pun) on insight.  Changed my world, literally.


The ‘new’ goodies aren’t in our thinking. 


They are in the moments of insight that touch us deeply and we KNOW there is something new, fresh and special there.  Act on these and we walk in a whole new world. 

Maybe give it a try – act on insight – and see what it is like to live outside of your thinking.

​Here's to new possibilities.  


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