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A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE       Let's have a think about that...

27 July 2017


Ever felt you are getting nowhere really fast ?  I have at times in my life for sure felt that way. Then I came to understand deeper what I now term 'Insightful Action'. 

Have a look at this diagram on fresh thinking and focussed action, to see where you are majoritively living from:

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The going nowhere fast scenario is when we are high at taking focussed action - a get up and go person - yet, low in that action being taken on fresh thinking.

Highly focussed action without consideration of whether it is from memory or from fresh thinking can mean that you are working really hard to get somewhere you have already been before.  So you land up ‘going nowhere, fast’.

It's like expecting a computer to put out new data from an old hard drive that hasn't had any fresh input.

Once one understands how to recognise and elicit fresh thinking (insight) your actions will be far better rewarded.

This is clarity in motion.  And every step has a clear sense of purpose, direction and confidence.

So relevant in a world where many are looking for uniqueness, peace of mind, productivity.

So next time you notice you are 'going nowhere fast' - change direction, try Insightful Action - and go somewhere special instead.

Here's to the wonderment of insightful action.

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