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23 September 2022


People who have gone before us have realised a lot of pure truths that are helpful.

Like realising about gravity. 
Realising the need to drink clean water.


We can learn from them.


It is also helpful to know that they came across this by ‘realising’ something afresh and new.  Something not understood previously. 


How lucky are we that they had those realisations – out of the blue, beyond their own thinking.  And shared them, acted on them ?


Learning is repeating what someone else has realised.

Realising is having a moment when you hear something new and refreshing – from deep within yourself.  And you have no doubt about that at all. 


It is an ‘ah-ha moment’ that you know from the deep feeling that comes with it that it is true and clear.


Different to when someone comes up with an opinion or holds a personal belief, rearranges what they already know and suggests this is progressive. These are constructs from personal thinking.

A good idea is just that - an idea that I ‘personally’ like.

'​Realising' breaks us into the new AND true.

Cheers, TS

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