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11 February 2022


Years ago I attended a conference in the USA at which the keynote speaker was a mountaineer who had successfully summitted Mt Everest. 


He was part of a team who, months, even years before, all knew that it wouldn’t be until they were at the final step before the summit - as to who would be best suited to do those final steps. 


It all depended on the variables at play when they reached that spot.


He just happened to be the man with the capability and energy needed at the time and was chosen to summit.


Everyone gave what it took to get there and make it happen. 

Everyone celebrated the successes as a team.

Everyone was ready to accept the failures if they happened, as a team.

Everyone was open minded to be able to change their minds and actions, positions, responsibilities as needed.
Everyone was there to support the final chosen few who would summit.


Yet there was uncertainty every step of the way.

​When asked what it took to get through all the uncertainty to successfully achieve an amazing photograph he took from the summit - he said:

 “F4 and Be There”. 
(F4 was the aperture on the camera).


I’ve come to hear many photographers say a similar thing since then.

Those who sit patiently.  Wondering, adjusting, moving to change position as necessary.


Is only the Unknown Moments.

Before the Knowns are realised. 

Cheers, TS.






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