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27 April 2022


Just like water as it pours swirling in and then settles into the shape of a glass…so too it is with our experience of life.

What is helpful to realise is that OUR thinking creates the ‘shape of OUR glass’.

Whatever is offered to us to experience – we ‘pour’ it into our glass and it takes the shape of it.


Which is how our personal thoughts create the shape of our reality.

And how people in the same situation experience that situation differently.

Whatever is there for us to experience, honours the principles of Consciousness and Thought and we see whatever it is out there within the context of our personal thinking (the shape of our glass).



Want to see a different world ?
Shift consciousness.
Change the shape of your glass.

Then see what the world looks like to you. 

You might be surprised – in a nice way.

What shape is your ‘glass’ ?
Here’s to realising our reality lies within.

Cheers, TS.

Turning Glowing Glass

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