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14 March 2024



It is often said that ‘words matter’.
And they do.

Yet - do you find yourself sometimes, or often, just having a ‘feeling’ about someone or a situation ?

A feeling that lingers and sometimes we pay attention to it and act on it.  Sometimes we pass over it and continue on without taking that into consideration.

The feeling matters.

Behind our words, there is INTENT.

Think of a ‘Sales Person’ vs someone who has a lifetime of experience, a depth of knowledge on a topic and wants to let people know something important. 

They have different intents.






Words do matter.  They give a clear statement of written or spoken clarity.

One of the most important ones is ‘I Love You’.  Let’s you know where they stand.

And then behind the words is INTENT.

When the feeling matches the words – we have clarity.

One needs to tune in to the feeling behind and beyond the words to get the full picture.

We can call this our intuition, some sort of telepathic read if you want.

Yet the fact is, there is a sense of another’s intent.
Regardless of what someone is saying.


We know this even in ourselves when we may ‘half-heartedly’ agree to something.

Whilst something inside us is giving a quiet ‘warning bell’ to hold off as there is something here to take note of OR maybe you are actually not feeling fully engaged.

Here’s to the wonderment of ‘hearing beyond the words'.  To hearing the spirit of one’s intent.

Bringing deep clarity and direction to act on. Peace of mind, peace in our heart and harmony in our lives.


Best, TS

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