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A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE       Let's have a think about that...

3 January 2023


We have an instinct for clarity that comes with a clear and deeply knowing feeling that it is just that.  True, clear, wise. 

We are drawn there.  Naturally.

Being human, we also have the capacity to build illusion and also to be lost in delusion through our own use of Thought.

Illusion – think of magicians.  They build the skill of illusion to bring entertainment, divert attention, leave us guessing. 

As we can for others, we can also do this for ourselves. 


We can think one thing and believe it enough, speak it enough that it becomes real and we don’t quite know what is real or not after a while. 

Kids show us this capacity when they are on their ‘Thought L-Plates’. 


They tell a story for example to try to stay out of trouble, wish something to be real or to try to convey a message without knowing how to explain it with words as yet. And the adult needs to figure out what actually is the truth of the situation.

And an illusion – or falling for an illusion - is usually dropped once a person realises they want to stop the uncomfortable feeling of the un-real that goes along with it.  They want the nice feeling back.

They realise instead they can communicate openly and honestly and interact, connect with others confidently, gently, caringly.  Illusion is not necessary when you step forward and meet someone in that way.  


Choosing someone you can trust to meet you at the same depth of connection.


And then there is delusion - when one completely stops acnowledging the feeling that guides them back to true and honest reality.  And instead, gets lost in believing what they have created in their own mind to be real. 

Even ignoring the fact that they were the one who created it. 

Thinking it came from somewhere outside of them.  Something they think they can ‘hang their hat on’, yet will crumble when tested.

Thank goodness there is a feeling deep inside all of us that acts like a lighthouse.  Guiding us to safe shores within our own thinking, bursting our make-believe bubbles, shining light on the clear waters of our wisdom within. 

Our wisdom within that breaks through doubt, confusion, lostness. And brings us clear, true, honest answers – to guide us safely through life.

Here’s to the wonderment of the Feeling that brings us home.

Cheers, TS

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