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A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE       Let's have a think about that...

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16 June 2023



We are thinking beings. 

Everything is created through our experience of Thought.  Everything.

As an individual, as a group, as a population.  We have created everything there is – that we have created.


That last sentence may seem clumsy, yet read it again.


Everything that we have created – it is us who created it.  Starting with our thoughts.

Play with me here …
Life is like a jigsaw.  We have all the pieces we could desire in our thoughts.  All of us. 

We have access to all the thinking anyone could ever imagine.

And every day we individually access these thoughts and act on the ones we choose. 

Creating our day and our future.


Our ‘jigsaw’ is very powerful.  As the pieces we get to choose from, are infinite.


With no particular picture to have to be created. 

We have been given the power to choose the ‘invisible’ jigsaw picture to bring to life. 

Choose Kindly.  Choose Wisely.  Choose Lovingly.
Choose from deep within.










Then consider that your jigsaw is actually only a piece of the bigger jigsaw of life that we are all creating together. 

We are choosing separately, yet together.
Creating the whole of the picture.


Starting with our loved ones closest to us, the people we speak with and meet each day.  The people who they speak with and meet each day.  The people we will never speak with or meet.


The thoughts we choose to act on - affecting everyone.  Creating our world.


If we each choose our thoughts to act on kindly, wisely and lovingly, go ahead and imagine the world we can build.

And for those of you who are wondering – all practicalities can still have these three considerations at heart when you choose an action – kind, wise, loving.

Like ripples in a pond, our thoughts are so powerful, that each time we choose our jigsaw piece to act on, it changes someone else’s life too.

Here’s to the wonderment of the realisation that we have the capability to think separately – and affect the whole – together.

Best, TS

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