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21 May 2023


Human Consciousness is in a fast, upward shift.
So exciting.

What do I mean ? 


Maybe these words are not yet familiar for some.
Yet they really only mean a ‘deepening of understanding'; 'a deepening of awareness’.

A natural progression in life.  Yet there are times when there can be a big jump in this. When a big jump is needed.


We all can recognise this in our own lives by what I call our ‘ah-ha’ moments.


Those moments when it feels like ‘the penny drops’ and you hear or see something clearer than before. 


We know those moments … “Oh, I get it now”.  Moments.


Well, imagine if a whole lot of people have a whole lot of those moments all around the world at the same time.  In the same year, about the same things ?


Just imagine how exciting that would be.








It can feel like a separation from old thinking.
From old ways of seeing things.

Maybe even feeling like a separation from something within you that now is outdated and unnecessary. Letting it go, frees us from old ways of being - ready for the next.

Well, that time is now.
It just seems to be that it is happening - now.


So, be ready to be nicely surprised.  Ready to be more calm and at peace within yourself.

Be ready to come together to support each other in the new.  A coming home.

A separation from the old.  Deep, loving understanding - together.  Along with the refreshment of unity.

Here’s to the wonderment of consciousness shifts.
An awakening.  Opening our eyes to the true nature of things.

Best, TS

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