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2 March 2023


Have you ever found yourself sharing some news, information or maybe a personal story just to find you are left with an odd feeling afterwards ?

You feel like what you had said didn’t include the full intent of what you meant to say …

It’s an odd occurrence when this happens, yet this is what I call the ‘ready-steady-shift’ moment.

At these times, your story -
is not incomplete.
has not been censored by someone else.
is not a lie.
is not a non-truth.
is not meant to undermine anyone or anything.

The story or information left incomplete, hanging, is just a necessary shift when pointing to a level of conscious understanding that someone else is not quite ready for.


Professionals who are operating from a high level know this.  And their job is to see if they can lovingly, gently, guide people to a level of conscious readiness to be able to say what needs to be heard deeply.

In general conversations however, at these moments it can go one of at least four ways – either:


  • be met with a deep understanding and meeting of the minds

  • ignite the person into ‘wow, I didn’t know that’, healthy questioning

  • a healthy deep silence

  • or it can at times explode someone into fear, overwhelm, judgement, ridicule, aggression or even physical distancing.

So what has happened ?

We live at different natural levels of consciousness (or one could simplify this word to awareness, understanding).  Not to be confused with different levels of knowledge, which is just an ‘intake and memory’ process.

Different levels of consciousness can sort-of be like the natives on their isolated native island who literally couldn’t see the early explorer ships on the ocean when they looked out to sea.

It wasn’t in their conscious reality to be able to see anything like that at all.  It was like they were looking into another world completely, one that was invisible to them.


Sometimes when we speak (from our own level of conscious awareness), it is beyond another person’s level of consciousness to hear what we truly mean.


And sometimes, we find ourselves changing what we are saying to protect them and to protect our own story in a mysterious way too.


Easing in on a topic is usually a wise thing to do in general conversation.  Or even readying a person like I mentioned the professionals do.


However, more naturally and even more-so to be appropriately sensitive, it is maybe wise to consider first connecting with people deeply enough to be able to read their (and your) level of consciousness in that moment.  To then know what to say, how to say, who, how and at what level you can share your story or information with.










That is when you find you can share either the right story for that person or your whole story in it’s depth and truth with the right person without feeling like you are censoring.

When we do find ourselves ‘censoring’, changing what we started out saying, as surprising as it can feel, this is natural. This is caring.  This is kindness in action.

It may not be the person you expect, it may not be in the timing you want.  Yet there will be a time and a person with whom you can share what you feel drawn to share.  Who can hear you and can speak with you at that level. 

Not everyone all the time – that is the key to know.

Our interactions with people are to be enjoyed, whatever our conscious level.


Deeply connecting with people at the same level of consciousness is a different thing.

Understanding the difference makes for an easier path to sharing and caring together.  Just be open and ready.  Stay steady (in your calm) and shift as needed.  Ready – Steady - Shift.  That’s healthy for everyone.

And don’t even take this too seriously either.


Enjoy each other.  Laugh, find the humour and joy in difference.

Here’s to the wonderment of realising and walking with ease in our differing levels of consciousness.

Cheers, TS

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