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In the height of all the disruptions and change in recent years and months in the world, Terrie was having special 'pearls' of insight.

She wanted to quickly capture these moments so she started sending herself one line emails at the time of her insight.

This both captured her insight and also gave her a lovely moment in her day when she received the email into her inbox.  This then continued to deepen over the days that followed.

She realised others might like this too.

So all you need to do is register here and each Friday morning you will receive a one liner email that you can be deeply lost in for a week.

Keeping you focused on the miracle of our wisdom, awe of life and the mystery of Love.

Just $1 per month to assist Terrie maintain this meaningful service.

From small things, big and beautiful things grow.
Would be lovely to have you in the group.


Cheers, TS

Pearls of Consciousness.png

Example 1:
"Everything will be resolved."

"Trust the Feeling."

"Shift Consciousness, shift reality".

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