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A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE       Let's have a think about that...

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5 March 2021


There is a space beyond our moods and stressful thinking that is still, quiet and wholesome.

Forever present. 

We settle back into there once we realise how we are using Thought.


We can even have a laugh with “what WAS I thinking !!!”.


Like a natural buoyancy mechanism we bounce back to our mental wellbeing.  Our commonsense.


Sort of like when you dive into deep water and realise that if you stop struggling, buoyancy will take you back up to the surface to where the air is.


When someone is floundering in their thinking, yes, they are hurting and they may need our care and understanding.

And to really help them, they need to feel safe to settle again and trust that ‘buoyancy’ within themselves which they can’t see right at that moment.

You can jump in with them or you can step beyond just caring about their current emotions and know their wholesome-ness - that buoyancy of thought - is forever present.

Then you can be with them beyond your own discomfort or worry.

Walking with them instead, in the loving knowledge that they are already innately healthy, nothing needing correcting, nothing broken. 


It’s just the way they are using thought in that moment.







Rather than trying to correct their thinking. If you see them in that space, they can look there too.


I like what Psychiatrist Bill Pettit often says – “never broken, nothing lacking”.


Are you living Beyond (just) Caring ?

Here's to the wonderment of knowing resiliency of thought.

Cheers, TS.

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