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A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE       Let's have a think about that...

29 March 2020



Something happened this morning, and I noticed the same yesterday afternoon. 

Instead of school sirens and dogs barking stressed for their loved ones to come home to them.  I heard children’s laughter, parents joy and sounds of play with go-carts, games at home.  Coming from different directions in the neighbourhood.

Oh my, they sounded like they were all having fun. 


The dogs are no longer barking during the day with distress.

MOP Sounds of Life.png

In 2017 I lived through the eye of cyclone Debbie in the Whitsundays. 


What is familiar now from that experience, is the delightful silence with less airplanes overhead, less cars on the road, less mechanical sounds. 


The birds and the natural rhythm of life (that people spend fortunes on to experience on the holidays away from home) is so much closer than one might realise. 


Right on our doorstep, in our backyard, in the neighbourhood parks.

The smiles and laughter that one wishes they could have more of in their life, is sitting right in front of us in our loved ones, just waiting for the invitation to play. 


Remember how to play ?  Playful, gratitude, the sense of connection.  Right here on our doorstep, in our homes.  Untapped.


Maybe notice this, soak it up.  See how you want this to be in your life.  Then step into it.

I have been an entrepreneur and high achiever since I was 23 yrs of age, some 23 years ago now. 


During this time I had many adventures, travelled throughout the world, experienced life to it’s maximum. 

And also during these times I lost my peripheral vision.

I had to stop driving.  Change the way I moved and how I interacted with people so we all could still enjoy each other. Change my work. Change how I set up my home.  Change how I understood me and others. 


Through all this change, It became clearer-than-clear that humans, along with a healthy human understanding are integral to a connected and fulfilling life - everything. 

Every interaction, every communication, bringing a sense of belonging.

When I was faced with more unknowns than knowns in my life, with the usual stripped away, this moment of realisation was freeing.

This moment when we can hear clearer the Sounds of Life around us is such a gift. 


It brings realisation of how people make our life full, and how laughter, joy, togetherness resets us to gratitude, hope, happiness and contentment. 

Try playing with your loved ones first and then stepping out from there – with those lovely feelings - and see what you create next in life.

I am constantly nicely surprised with what happens – hope you are too !

Here's to the wonderment of Happiness, THEN Fresh Thinking, THEN Productivity !

Cheers, TS.

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